Videos from 12th EEGLAB Workshop now online

A couple of months ago the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience hosted their 12th EEGLAB Workshop at the San Diego Supercomputing Center.  The workshop consisted of several days of lectures and exercises on EEG analysis including topics such as:

  • Independent components analysis
  • Spectral analysis of EEG (Fourier and wavelet analysis)
  • Source localization
  • Granger causality
  • EEG pattern classification (e.g., for brain-computer interfaces)
  • Permutation and bootstrap statistics
  • How to use the EEGLAB software package for EEG analysis

The Swartz Center was kind enough to makes slides of the talks and tutorial materials from the workshop freely available online (  Moreover, the Science Network has just made videos of the presentations freely available as well:

There’s even a talk by yours truly on resampling statistics and corrections for multiple comparisons.

If you’re an EEG/MEG researcher, I highly recommended exploring the talks.  Even if you don’t use EEGLAB, you may learn a thing or three about current and future directions in EEG methods and some of the talks could make good tutorials for your students.  My hat is off to the Swartz Center for making all of these great resources freely and easily available.  I hope that such recording and sharing of conference and workshop presentations becomes more commonplace in the near future.

-David Groppe


~ by eeging on January 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Videos from 12th EEGLAB Workshop now online”

  1. Some videos on how to use FieldTrip for EEG analysis (another popular MATLAB based platform for EEG/MEG/ECoG analysis) have just been posted:

  2. FieldTrip also has some great EEG/MEG analysis tutorial videos online:

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